Thank You

I guess you know

as we come and go

kindnesses exchanged

dissipate angst to grow.

They grow inside us

with warmth of kindness

because this world’s cold

turning plush to dryness.

The kindling of despair

is stoked by the dry air

but can be extinguished

by the smiles we wear.

The meaning of life

is how we bury strife.

So many things erased;

smiles melting the ice.

So I must say words

so I must say thank you.

For not just who you are

but by what your words do.

As I have sought my

path to go on my own.

I still have support from

my family for a home.

I need not anything

else to keep me sane

except for chemicals

you stir within my brain.

It was an amazing sight

I knew from the start

your a source of pure joy

finding the way to my heart.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. kristianw84 says:

    Beautiful, Jared!


    1. Thank You Kristian😊


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