This world gets tired again,

my soul it does seek asylum.

My mind it starves for her

eyes and seeks to define them.

Quite the journey it has been

watching her walk in and out

of my presence now and again

all the while my heart is devout.

I’ve written song after song

since first our eyes did meet.

You will find them here written;

my heart she makes complete.

It is a blissful composition of

peaceful and calming breath

that comes to me as I do see

her gaze take away all duress.

The things that I have known

that bring me to smiles this day

have been now so redefined by

the power that her look displays.

I am winged to distant lands

when I look into her deep eyes.

No indecent thoughts come

rather it is a refuge she supplies.

A place where I wake to her

thoughts as were the night before.

Warmth, joy and peaceful avenues

for me she has provided a door.

That if I want my soul to rest

there is only one thing I must do.

That is to envision her whisper

her name that alleviates pain too.

For so long I’ve known you

were out there in a wish and dream.

Now that I have seen you I

feel much better than I can seem.

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