That Which Seeps In

The river runs

swiftly with no care.

If conflict flows deep

it does bring despair.

Deep into ground

water seepingly absorbs

in soil then down in

under ground hoards.

Making great caves

formed over time.

In those moments

no sunshine it finds.

Yet it moves and

rocks it does smooth.

Underneath facades;

must resonate truth.

Darkness in our vessels,

inside we must filter.

What the world has

slung at us to enter.

We function from depths,

though within it’s dark.

Streams of life brought

debris we must set apart.

The caverns within us

hold they do our souls.

Inside we can be blind

blackness beckons control.

Of the debris that’s seeped

in through the deep cracks,

we must steady our resolve

or trees we feed turn black.

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