Gears Of Mine

I was listening to the “Glitch Mob” when I thought of this. I’m heartbroken over the loss of a friend’s confidence in me but I was listening to the song, “Keep On Breathing.” Off of their album, “Seeing Without Eyes.” If you haven’t heard of the Glitch Mob, well now you have. It sounds better on whatever music player you may use with headphones. It may not be your cup of tea. Never the less it brought me to this. Other tracks on their album pump me up before a good workout. But this song has helped me anesthetize the frustration of a rather juvenile display of immaturity I’ve come to regret.

Metal grinding gears

in my soiled mind,

escaping reality I do

so for peace to find.

All functions shift

as I disappear amidst

the world so mundane;

should I live like this?

I starve for substance

to fill this black void.

A light it has appeared

as if in me a shiny toy.

A gift I don’t deserve

lit me with gentle eyes.

So now within it does

function to bring alive.

Stagnant gears move,

I have the strength to

move like I should do.

All because it was truth.

I have admired greatly

before but not like this.

I think of her around

now her I sorely miss.

Whisps of thick smoke

fill me as if there’s fire

languishing deep inside

casting out twisted ire.

My heart and mind do

together come to bind.

To replay all moments

of kindness we did find.

I remember her now,

we fit as do little rhymes.

Numb was my brain

but life has she supplied.

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