A Change At Maestro

For my friend CM


It was hallowed ground

the place where you stepped.

I’ve painted some pictures

for your pocket, to be kept.

All words you’ve spoken;

run them inside your head.

You bend them to your will;

tell me is your ego is fed?

All is but fleshy tissue;

blood, veins and skeleton.

What drove your words?

I let them now settle some.

They pierce as do blades

against my well aged skin.

Where atom and molecule

start and where they end.

Fortunate have I become

that my eyes they have seen

what time has taught them

of those places in between.

How shall I describe them,

those places that bring life?

Kind joyful colors they cast

away hurt, pain and strife.

You did supply such vigor

in my vessel sustaining soul.

Warm thoughts breathed life

upon such a beastly throne.

I will transcribe the feelings

that you superficially ignore.

I will now keep my sanity not

move as you beckon anymore.

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