God For A Day

Breathe in I still do

through and out my mouth

come and go words

speaking in silence right now.

It is easy to imagine

figments of my imagination

pouring down on paper

bringing forth machinations.

In this blank space

empty of any familiar sounds,

I will write myself in

then out of calamity abound.

Adventures solely in

what flows out of this pen

exhale in exuberance

shattering the air once again.

Maybe I’ll go walking,

maybe to the mountains outside.

Maybe I’ll create people

whom behind I could and do hide.

Silence magnifies senses,

I breathe deep and close eyes.

I venture into deep chasms

of not but cataclysmic divide.

It is hard to imagine

that which no one would object.

So I’ll expel insecurities

of my little social quirky defects.

It seems silence is home,

a refuge to run outside and play.

It seems in my own silence

I can become God for a single day.

5 Comments Add yours

    1. I meant it abstractly. Believe me I’m far from some God like complex. I just was trying to convey that I enjoy creating something from my mind that I can coherently have total control over. I’m far from some sort of God or even a good poet.


      1. I found honesty in your writing.It is true that if we have silence in our mind ,we are similar to God.But we have no solace ,no content,no peace.Well done . Nice post.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you Rachana. I cant express how thankful I am for such a comment. It is encouraging and I appreciate it.


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