Mystically Healing Eyes

My mind is vexed as

traces left from her shimmering eyes

take hold and mysteriously

come forth to heal that which I despise.

Where I saw her stand,

front and center with a fiery display,

was magnificent to behold;

her energy lingers and over me sways.

Suddenly I’m transfixed,

suddenly I question myself questions,

that have no answers for

her motives that gave me such affection.

Such a soul was hers to

say and walk through the room as if

she was bending existence;

shifting gravity to reverse me and lift.

I delve deep, emphathic now

with the aim to see how she saw me.

Blinded in self-disgust was I

but now I search for what she did see.

What would make her eyes

look left then right and back and forth

gently easing her brow smiling;

since then we danced a dance of repoire.

The look, it came in a second.

An interval of time when we stood still.

All was typical of any other day

until that moment when her look did kill.

Spite inside died while new vigor

healed the conflict that within me hides.

From inside my crippled tired mind

manifested such a newly re-birthed pride.

So I ponder on these pages now.

Ever since then I’ve had pens run dry.

That have failed to ever capture

the gentle healing she mystically supplied.


For CM as inspired by “Hallucinations” by R3hab

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