Your Splendid Dawn

As the night fades away,

I see it turn it’s corner.

Day it does slowly draw

attention to it’s borders.

Where the day and night

meet in their gentle calm.

No words can describe it.

Nor any pictures drawn.

Known to me is inside

how my mind conjugates

what I see and how I feel;

how I begin to calculate.

As I cipher the equations,

life does guide me along.

I find harbor in other odes

of other splendid songs.

My compass is directed

to sights that I do not see.

Day comes then goes and

beauty is where we meet.

Play me symphonies of

your harmonious prose.

It would be enough if it’s

just your truth you show.

I will learn it and swallow

honesty your core displays.

So that it always is with me

even unto my solemn grave.

I dont ever want to discover

you as something you’re not.

I want a vision of you that

your honesty to me taught.

For how beautiful it is to

see change in each other.

New avenues of thought

and ideas we do uncover.

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