Ready Your Trigger Finger

So many people live,

so many people don’t.

We must go fight fights

that some people won’t.

Those who believe in

only peace and goodwill

know the world they

don’t now nor ever will.

Privelage might blind

while spoiled children

have not lived in reality

where you find villains.

Greed and lust fester

in our natures to linger

like loaded guns dear

please ready your finger.

You might need do that

what you might regret.

That will happen in life

so you better not forget.

Face it good my love so

you know just how you

bleed the way you do and

learn how it to live through.

Divisions among us will

there now and always be

a part of life now and for

what are common tragedies.

Ready your finger for that

trigger you must learn pull

for now and for eternity

so that you be nobody’s fool.

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