What Will Always Remain

I’ve seen the world

in many many forms.

I’ve witnessed life

here on earth born.

I’ve said goodbyes

to those whom passed.

I’ve stayed up nights

crying turning to laughs.

Indeed I’ve cried all

during the night gone by.

I’ve been in agony before

unable to see gentle eyes.

I guess all has come

and I believe all is done.

I believe in the end

calm will be found in sun.

Because I’ve had times

that others have not and

forgot have I not those

extended fellow hands.

Who’s eyes have cleared

the tears from mine own

and who’s words come in

and make me not feel alone.

I walk this world seeing

in time how things repeat

and I love this place here

where kindness I do meet.

To share sentiments in love

that we put here for all time.

Whether in free verse, prose

or in words that I tend rhyme.

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  1. txjessy says:

    This was very touching 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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