Comfort For The Thrill

In feckless manner I do

emote my feelings I felt

before and after you dear

the hand me life has dealt.

I have ridden upon the

tracks at full born speed

ignited and inspired fuel

from the thrills I did need.

My head I draw it now low

caring not inquire the world.

I now know truth that you’re

a splendid flower unfurled.

You now I will attest to are

a work of art on this dark

sphere in the universe now

and always me you’re a part.

A piece that’s needed which

provides a solution for me.

So I might function properly,

allowing words I do breathe.

My faculties malfunction,

yet your light within subsides

my brain that is driven insane

within my mind as it rewinds.

I will leave you here amidst

these emotions spilling forth

a functioning sentence that

is from your beautiful course.

Situated myself in education

for my mental state of mind

that excels in your lessons so

that myself I can now find.

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  1. sbailey says:

    Wonderfully written!

    Liked by 1 person

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