Hollywood Shoes

Sashay you do it thousands

of times during a single day.

Hear music from admiration

for so called sweet displays.


Slip your stilettos on

across the floor so soon?

Magic dust flies up and

I see you do not swoon.


No daddy’s little girl could

have commanded eyes

into your precious reckless

hidden figures of disguise.


You do it for fun now

I can translate the move.

Because it upon me

I am one you did it to.


So fast you go now that

you revealed a stealthy guise.

Am I getting the real you

or some young gun surprise.


You’re loaded draw down

the shades in the room.

Step lightly oh pretty girl

or you will burn the moon.


Hell’s little kitten and

lightening’s quick flash.

You are a loaded gun

once done it is my last.


Call upon me accounted

now tally me on the board.

Shelve me in your Bible

if the blood I can afford.


Out come the platitudes

ready your self defense.

Your self-righteous sight

let the burning commence.


What need you of this?

This place I call my own?

Are you so damn strong?

Need you no healthy home?


My heart’s healthy beat

you are about to defeat.

Hold that thought a minute,

do your shoes fit your feet?


I am so medicated now

I hear the beat of the drumb

that you march to now

so give me your down thumb.

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