It is vanishing it is

in a quick plume of

warm smoke chokes

as fumes rise above.

The sight mysterious

as it does disappear

cracking and twisted

noises reach my ears.

Warmth emminates,

my skin it does kiss.

I do imagine life can

be sometimes as this.

On the street passing

are faces facing pain

walking underneath

same clouds and rain.

Buildings do contain

the motors of progress

with people in pressed

suits and fancy dress.

Forward they toil for

lives they want to live.

Houses and children,

purpose they one give.

Remedies found inside

all of us is our warmth.

Born from purpose and

the cold wind it stokes.

The world so cold calls

us names and does mock

in the harshest of times

we battle with great cost.

Help me as I walk along

and search desperately.

Help me try burn past the

coldest born parts of me.

I need your embers of

kindness in soft words

in a world so absurd

that chills while it burns.

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  1. So very enthralling :’)

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