Sordid Affliction

I’ve seen it all before.

The dance of attraction.

I’ve laughed thousands

of times same reactions.

I noticed your smile is

now brighter than before

so as I think back on it;

I think I want to see more.

But I stop to also think,

where I find I can sew,

the softer side of me is

a place I hold so close.

What if I let my fancy

spill forth from inside?

If all goes to sordid hell

would my heart survive?

Revealing my soul is a

tender thing I would do

and I need some time to

in part think it through.

The result of expression,

as I age I’ve come to know,

rends me so different and

can lead to the unknown.

Do I want such adventure?

In my aged vessel today?

The answer is I don’t know

if passion could defeat decay.

The answers I do now see,

as I’ve had time to breathe,

that the best part of me I

do not know if it I believe.

Is real this amazing bliss,

consuming me I swallow,

filling in the hollow holes

from pain I used to know?

You render me different

than I’ve ever felt before

and I will say it definitely,

your smile I want it more.

Find me I do seek the peaks

amidst slowly drifting tides

where for love I’d travel to

reveal those things I’d hide.

I debate whether to pursue

what would be non-fiction

in the world I have learned

it’d be amdist sordid affliction.

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