See You In The Ink

Words on a page they

bring you no justice.

If I write a song would

levity be amongst us?

I have all powers here

I could use to multiply

the sinews of tunes or

in words I can rhyme.

I would be honored to

let you of me be a part

of where this ink ends

and where I can start.

I am a navigator and I

am a discoverer here.

I can discover feeling

making sunlight appear.

Shall I leave what I feel

in the dark where it all

turns to dust as leaves

fall here now in the fall.

I will conjure a tune to

take the remains of day

to spin tales of eternity;

clearing the bitter haze.

Still these words are no

justice to serve you well

as I bend to shortcoming

obstacles of those I tell.

All the sinews all tunes

are tuned to the seasons

found within me so deep

I battle qualms of reason.

The reason I am here is

I feel compelled and think

I’ll revel in your existence

from our seasons of unity.

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  1. SpiritedSoul says:

    This is fantastic 😃 Bravo to u👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very glad you like it! I appreciate that!


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