No Longer Pretenders

Calculated by your eyes

is your elaborate design

from your mind do decide

from depths that you dive.

That if it means what it

means to see me see fit

to your plans here I sit

apart but you I am with.

We grow with the time

into two separate vines

that twist to intertwine

up walls we do now climb.

We are lush and tempered

into places we must enter

where we find us at center

no longer to be pretenders.

Here now we deal with real

plans you find that do appeal

to better understanding ills

we discover from us to heal.

As the years have rolled on

we have made our love songs.

Such places we do now belong

even when nothing is wrong.

It is beautiful to see you

work symphonies of truth

that some may find uncouth

but to us we do it to soothe.

I’m never far away now so

we both can continue grow

into a living breathing soul

that together we now control.

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