Lying In The Dark

I have touched the sun.

It has left me enlightened.

In darkness I found fun while

in light I find I’m frightened.

The dark hides my red eyes

from reality that left scorned

me upon my arrival unto the

things reminding I am torn.

I am perfect my mind it

does say unto my deep fear

of me in my pursuit of where

my true meaning may appear.

Was I some lost pariah some

vexed tortured being that had

let opportunity pass by slowly

turning me into some outcast?

Maybe so did say the sun

where I became burned undone

by the light that shined down

on me reveling shaded from sun.

I’ll project platitudes that

speak of reflecting in the light

though my place in the dark

is a place for some sordid delight.

I am left torn and I’m weary

and the sun, sometimes a mystery,

holds truthes I wish not see clearly.

Lying in the dark is friend to me.

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