Trust Issues

Your electrons fire quick,

before the door closes fast,

say something witty now so

awkwardnesses don’t amass.

You hide your head low now

and your eyes don’t look here.

Look now you coward fester

from what I never got to hear.

Weren’t you a pretty picture

who knew my path here in hell?

Are you not familiar the places

I have come to know as a cell?

I’ve a home that’s not my own,

I have clothes I can say the same,

were not paid for by me at all

but I do not pretend to be so vain.

I’ve felt a thousand daggers dive

deep into my rancid yellow flesh

that hurt me not as much as your

words to me you do not address.

You have such a pretty picture

such a life and so many accolades

but your glamour is rancid now

your persona is a two faced sage.

What wise words travel around

you you feel so unabashed so go

tell of tales you are familiar with

now of the things you don’t know.

For that is what you do duplicity

is a thing that beasts can do not

because the natural world is not

saturated in conflicting thought.

Your mind’s not at rest your soul

will splinter and ache in your own

world where you think is safe now

will return to you as the unknown.

You know nothing of angelic tones

in your gossiping toxic poison lips.

I watch you with your friends and

ponder is your life as such as this?

I know no truth I haven’t told you

for I can not leave you it is unfair

to speak of you in unholy tones of

you when you are not even there.

I trust you not now ever nor ever

will I ever again confide in you to

enter into some peace of mind so

with me go now and be through.

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  1. kyleoyier says:

    Nice blog

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