My Cry In The Night

I see the red dawn I

see it dissipate so fast.

I feel it’s speed as if I

step my foot on the gas.

Plauged by destruction I

have explosive twists

that shattered my dawn

after some torturous trips.

Watching as the world

implodes upon itself

makes me want to hit

down upon a final nail.

I meander this earth

as if pleasing the devil;

my hope is to relish in

places on a higher level.

Chaos reigns so I try rise

into the red-bled hued sky.

I’ll yell at the passing night;

beg for aid for it to supply.

To shatter resistance I’ll do

what decency commands

to reveal the lit spectrum

my soul treks in this land.

I will give into some sins

because it’s just my nature

of pleasure in my leisure

I’ll return to sometime later.

Striving to let discourse leave,

I will crucify, as if incensed,

that which holds me back not

allowing my spirit to ascend.

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