Precepts Of My Aged Soul

Affixed to my center

are scars from battles

my heart has traversed

on roads I’ve traveled.

What venture for today

do you have planned friend?

You’ve got adventure all

while I pray the day ends.

My inner concepts free

flow as I sip slowly a bottle

while I know your plans

call for you at full throttle.

Such ways I have known but

I crawl into my bed at home

because now my exploration

enjoys to bask in peace alone.

Places in my mind I use to

create my sanity and calm

appreciate time alone so I

can create my own psalms.

Praise and question I do,

in my room sound has left,

allow me to create places

profound to explore depths.

Exploring with this ink has

given me insight and let me

fight the changing weather

and navigate in raging seas.

I’ll create vessels and gently

drift on calm tides to shores

where in youth I was reckless

now I want calm all the more.

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    1. Thank you Jessy. You made me smile today. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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