Forward Motions

Let’s not get disturbed for

simply put we are human.

God gave us some minutes;

we choose how to use them.

I am perfectly imperfect.

I bleed just as well as you.

I know that I do not know

if I bleed at times what do.

My substance is substantial

but paradoxes make me weak.

I know not the path to take;

it is getting the best of me.

I loved to sip whiskey while

dwelling on serene dreams

because I am imperfect and

living in the past’s my creed.

I need me in forward motion.

I need a hand along the way.

Because some dead end paths

have left me melancholy days.

Together let’s sew direction.

Some unseen aspect to see

while we exchange cordial

words bringing forth levity.

Time affords us time so let’s

afford time to what we need.

So that we can be nurtured

by warmth in soft serenity.

My bones chill beneath skin

because I’ve consumed strife.

That seeps into me so deep

cutting me quick it is a knife.

Sharing the load and burden

are not some archaic notions.

Know my friend we have time

for us to find forward motion.

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