Music In The Night

Fine tune crafted I let

this night make sweat.

Set in motion I try forget

my heart with no regret.

Dancingly conversing

while I feel deserving

a night with diversion

from life so unnerving.

I’m ripping off the shy

and often boorish lines

while letting night supply

supplements for my mind.

Taking myself out of

the norm I think I must

set aside for now love

to dwell in night above.

Bending my body music

moves my body through it.

In life I will not abuse this

fervor in release I admit.

Fleeting passed I say bye

to the hours as they do fly.

My mind enertains tonight

a rush of blood from inside.

I shake off any misgivings

this wretched life is giving

all the while not forgetting

there’s struggle while living.

A touch a revel in a dance,

after a subtle strong glance,

serving esteem to enhance

a rush in someone’s hands.

So dance let loose and breathe

while you live in your reality

suffering that serves so harshly

conquer in music night brings.

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