A Real Dimension

What pictures have

you painted pretty

where opposite’s true

because truth is shitty?

What you do and reveal

to others I don’t know.

I just see you for what

to me that you do show.

I’m such a microcosm,

some larger part made,

from pieces not perfect

no shock I don’t behave.

Your a proud one that

I stick up for and care

because I think beauty

is a part of your wears.

Beneath not superficial

is a trait I really admire,

and you set aside you

for what others desire.

Don’t be what you’re not

less you turn into a beast

that rages inside a soul

where there is no peace.

Don’t put yourself in a

place where you disguise

what will fester inside.

Face reality no need hide.

Arise in real dimensions

be real don’t cause cost

when certain somethings

cause temperament lost.

Become you tell the truth

please do not ever loose

that which identifies you;

be the real that I relate to.

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