Why We Need Converse

How does that feel now?

You said your heart dealt

with this once before adore

the spaces we have felt.

I’ve never seen you so

dressed presented bold

like a phoenix in fire

telling tales needed told.

Why need we converse

in this expanding universe

where we find and unearth

what we might call our worse.

I couldn’t even if I try

to combat the truthes sly

I smile quick dash in an eye

the need for speed I comply.

So address in regret the noise

that has us dressed and compose

the tunes to address and employ

the ideas we have we’re poised.

To move like girls and boys

who learned this lesson before

I am affixed to tricks don’t be coy

help move this unmovable door.

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  1. sbailey says:

    This is wonderful Jared! Have you ever done a collaboration?

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    1. No. None to date. You should explain more because I’ve never done anything like that. 🤔

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      1. sbailey says:

        It’s where you write a poem in collaboration with another person! Like you write a part and then the other person responds.

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        1. Hey Stella. I hope everything is well. I’ve thought a lot about this and if you ever want to do a collaboration it would be my honor. 😁 I was a little hesitant in my thoughts concerning it but anytime you want to do one count me in👍

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          1. sbailey says:

            Everything is going good!:) I hope you are well!:) I have been hesitant too. I’ve done a couple. I would love to do one with you!:)

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            1. Cool. My email is sleuthinquisitor@outlook.com. Contact me and let me know the general premise of said poem and what to do, etc. I WILL get your email, I promise. This sounds pretty interesting and I am all for it. I promise to do the best I can.

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              1. sbailey says:

                Aww you are the sweetest! I wanted to do it with because your writing is so original. You are an amazing writer and it is me needs will struggle to rise to your talent!:) Thank you for even considering it!:)

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                1. Everything you just said I completely understand. You are more original than I am. You are sharp, unrestrained and some what of a rebel. I like that. Let’s be friends. I’m not your typical dude. Trust me, I have no ulterior motives and I think we should see what our combined conceptualizations would produce. It’s an adventure Stella and cool. Now, let us be professional acquaintances and let’s do this🤘 Just whenever you want to discuss let me know. Or if you dont want to then I understand that completely.

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                  1. sbailey says:

                    I like that! I would love to. If we do it and you hate it I’m fine with trashing it. It helps to stretch our minds. 🙂 no ulterior motives here either. We need to think about what kind of poem we want!

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                    1. I’ve been brainstorming, even at this very moment. I’m working on a basic concept of there can be no light without darkness and why they HAVE to coexist. I’m going to take notes tonight. I thought we could go intense and raw about the battle and contrasts about dark and light and how they MUST coexist. I’ll work on my metaphors LOL We need a deadline then so we could exchange work to make a decision which one of our ideas we want to run with then edit them. I’d be interested in your ideas of what drives us to the dark half of our human natures versus the light and how we are all capable of both. How neither could be without the other. But these are just ideas. Like I said let’s just brainstorm for a day or two write something and talk about the theme on Sunday. Like we were editors or something!!

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                    2. sbailey says:

                      Lol yess! You so intelligent! 🙂 Intense and raw would be awesome! Different, I like it! 🙂

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