Mirror Mirror

I can’t continue on now.

I can not begin pretend

that I know the solutions

for my struggle within.

Blackness in the heart

hides itself very well.

Outside my projections

hide what inside is hell.

I reach inside a vat of

my own making I believe

structures I constructed

they’re times I hardly see.

I’m no picture of perfect

my flaws draw ire views

of things that most would

ever believe that I choose.

Raw the bough is broken

under weight of burdens

and I live passing mirrors

trying hard to avert them.

I have ventured to see it,

shadow dwelling within,

that rocks my foundation

begging confession again.

Refusing correction my

will takes no back seat.

I am more stubborn than

I know I should ever be.

Some say there’s no place

for softness in this world.

Firm is my resilience but

my affliction inside curled.

Into a tight ball my reason

it must be let out to the air

so I might see what I don’t

see at first was even there.

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  1. kyleoyier says:

    Love the picture

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