Truth Be Told…

True to the tune

that flows from freeing

feelings that I feel

let commence healing.

I delve to the depths

that never reach surface;

where eyes can see

for those who hurt us.

I feel the ever fleeting

air leave as I begin rise.

Panic pillages my lungs

when I find I don’t hide.

So I think I’ll stay

beneath here it is cold.

Yet warmth emminates

as truth I begin to behold.

Quietly consumed I

never have felt such eyes

running now over my

thoughts with such light.

Shall I paint pictures

of me running in fields?

No I think I will not.

Such things aren’t real.

Once I am gone and

the earth does receive me;

I want my family to know

me entirely and completely.

That though I jest,

with my breath passing,

I feel qualms of real

feelings with no laughing.

Judge me and examine;

feast upon me I don’t hurt.

Lies that would pierce flesh

here now I continue avert.

Yes, this is my name.

Yes, this is my old face.

Yes, all here in contained,

is my truth and personal place.

I am imperfect I know

nothing outside myself.

Truth be told now I am

no image of perfect health.

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