Fighting Beasts


Some caustic method

has found it’s way made

me fight against a breeze

setting my mind ablaze.

I see in colors I’m no

species where the weak

fight to live in fear of

no mercy as if some beast.

The ill made perceptions

came crawling in the night.

As my eyes read such words

I found the cause to fight.

Logic in my mind surpasses

that which my heart desires.

Such a battle I find is as if

a torrent raging lava’s fire.

The trumpet it did call upon

the rebel set upon my soul.

But now the scholar that

raised me finds my controls.

The youthful binge flows

down paths from volcanoes.

The heat of passion’s stem

in the mind’s ferocious ego.

I think now I will find the

voice in the back of my head

that my father placed there

across the table where we fed.

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