Err In Space

The kaleidoscope broke

now I’m thinking my own

mixture of colors making

my mind begin to roam.

I see in many patterns

unwind brilliantly a light

that has left me blind so

take my frail hand tonight.

A vacuum in space it has

me spinning constellations

as we embrace in a living

turn while in a celebration.

Are we going to set forth a

mission in grand submission

to that which is better than

us and has clearer definition?

Bouncing off light we need

hands for us to be steadied.

As I fire up the rocket ship

I’ll make it mission readied.

For I a simple minded fool

I am now not so damn sure

that I can handle the inertia

that in my youth was cure.

I have seen too much pain,

my kaleidoscope still broke,

is a shade yours is not now.

As we launch flames emote.

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