Transition’s Position

Time passes with faces;

we can’t escape an eye

that opens or closes so

wear not a sly disguise.

Morph in conjunction to

change the outside same

to mirror the inside so

you play no mental game.

Set a pace to slowly go;

what you choose please

remember times of joy,

things to put you at ease.

Transition into position

placing you above it all.

Where truth serves heal

and catches from a fall.

Capitulate to serenity;

truth’s ever healing balm.

No words can express it.

No song or biblical psalm.

We witness art in sunrise

for it is true and steadfast

and will burn in it’s power

this hour until it’s very last.

Let us burn a slate clean,

no rancor let it now soil

the mind’s of our own kin

nor our humane fellows.

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