Ever Rising

In flux a place in space

it moves only forward

up and over it grows so

ever now to me toward.

I will live to climb but I,

so rustic my limbs old,

carefully step my steps;

there’s traps so I go slow.

Fractured cinder blocks

they supported to sustain

past hurt inside nature;

now I may be just insane.

The climb so long I now

remember the ground I

left so long ago so I try

forget such a hard climb.

I need sustenance I need

structure lost in floating

from here to there in lofty

haze I had been smoking.

Is reality really that hard

for to call for my escape?

Yes my heart does feel

while my mind it debates.

There’s the torturous rail

that I cling to in pure hate

that in another’s soul I do

find consumes to permeate.

The void of despair it does

confuse and tests a nerve.

None get penitance here,

none get what is deserved.

So I’ll release my tension

breathing fire in my lungs.

That will move over teeth

and seep over my tounge.

For life so pure is meant

to live not in pain’s grip

or torn flesh ripped apart

by cruelty by life’s whip.

I shall climb past what my

experience has proven raw.

That bore into my bones I

use once more not to fall.

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