Everywhere You’re There

Everywhere I look I see

your soft face everywhere.

Everywhere I have been

I linger to think you there.

In water calm my gaze it

sees reflections not my own.

Some think I’m bound but

my legs are free so I roam.

If constricted are my wants I

reach for the memories in my

head I’ll keep until I’m dead;

burned in retinas of my eyes.

I’m free to leave but I now

think I will linger here awhile.

In vacant spaces I do trace

the structures in your smile.

I try to manage moments I

face now and forever always

there will be a peace in me;

I construct us in divine ways.

As if I were placed and sent

on some rustic time machine

I’ve seen none ever resemble

the beauty your eyes bring.

I need no more travel I halt.

Questioning in my mind grips

and I hold tight while I delight

your memory me it does kiss.

Tested now are my methods,

the years make all else tired.

Still I’m not one to replace you

so I write this not as if a liar.

Birthing easy peace in me

does your laughter and flame

that evolve over some time

to remind I won’t be the same.

Over troubled estuaries I cross

troubled but you in my mind

my soul it marvels the repair

that is inspired in your design.

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  1. sbailey says:


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    1. Thank you Stella. 😊

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      1. sbailey says:

        A pleasure!:) Always Jared!:)

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  2. Alexis Rose says:

    You have a wonderful gift for writing!

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    1. Thank you Alexis!! That’s so nice to hear! 😊

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