Embrace Me

Tickle me life

you are but a fiend.

I pretend at night

and defy it a dream.

Color me colors now

conflictingly tacky

the sun does reveal

but truthes lack me.

For my mind dark

paints a place raw

at life’s indifference

I bracingly had saw.

Alone down to dirt

or set ablaze by fire

my body is returned

stripped of my desire.

What mind I’m given

the reason I’m alive

to kindle what earth

knows not survives.

An innate living sky

knows not of birds.

The sea, it’s rip tides

find piscine so absurd.

This bliss gift of love

I embrace you my dear

it seems the earth peril;

solvent is you so near.

Take me in to your

arms and see the magic.

What transpires within

us while life is so tragic.

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  1. This just got me. Amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much!!


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