My Shallows

You move in

the water more;

you do you I’m

close to shore.

Your surface

shatters glass

into a realm

of the past.

I’ll see morn

you see night.

I’m calm here;

you still fight.

Break my soul

I felt it eclipse.

The view you

I sadly kissed.

Goodbye love

went on hours.

Turned honey to

something sour.

Your ship set

on a voyage lit

a beam of light

where I now sit.

In shallows I

was left behind.

The shallows I

find them kind.

Depths, feet

you find how

they tire now

shed the power.

Sink you search

I have the earth

of trees limbs to

reach for first.

Something real

ever the sound

of my feet on dirt

I will not drown.

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