Will You Sleep Well?

I see in the sunlight

but I can’t see right.

I hear the air slight

as you speak tonight.

Can you please tell

where I should dispel

the myths I spin tale

so I might sleep well.

You know it all now

so please show how

you translate to vow

your word’s so proud.

You know a version

your slight perversion;

truthes subvert them.

Your wine have some.

So you might see right

your tonic takes flight.

My poor mistaken sight

see’s a fool you tonight.

I can tell fortunes too,

though my own will do,

for me to get through

a facade you construe.

I don’t want to set it in

stone where you begin

to believe you, your sin,

try and lie to me again.

I will not go to where I

expose myself for a lie

you tell yourself tonight

I know you’re not right.

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