A Dose Of You

Mercy manifests madness

deep and deeper I do skew

different aspect acting out

from altered kinds of view.

This medicine makes manic,

I feel so drawn outside of me,

where I search not in a pain

but in bloodshots of a breeze.

When will wind wind around

me as I throw hands in the air

where no care surrounds me

I pretend harmless you there.

I see double I have eyes strain

as my vision I am now living.

For before what I was able to

see was not tenderness giving.

I see your touch and a smile

smiling so swiftly suspended

when I come off of my buzz

and the memory it is ended.

Taught am I in ways of release

there is a light spinning over

my head I am not now dead I

dance reaching for a shoulder.

Listen I am wounded to heart

that bleeds deep from inside.

I think I need a larger dose to

keep my mind burning alive.

In sweet slow sojourn of death

it has made sense to seek you.

Amidst a mist of fog in thought

your dose satisfies me through.

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