Rebel Hurricane

I chew on steel

I spit out nails.

I spit out fire I

walk by myself.

I speak in rhyme

in what I write.

So that ears will

feel some delight.

For the course I

walk same as you

scalds the skin I’m

branded no shoes.

Glass on ground

my feet pass over.

I reach into grass,

feet step in clover.

I smell gasoline I

will scorch earth

for something new

conflict I do birth.

Here I’m not calm,

for you here respite,

from the devil in me

I put up not a fight.

Chaos gives life it

sets motion feelings

that sends reverbs

and begins healing.

Conform I will not

in days in crazy haze.

Life has turned black;

to fit in I misbehave.

Still the steel I feel

bend under teeth

does burn eyes I do

peer from for relief.

Am I a robot same

as you I will not be.

I walk alone so I can

from the outside see.

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  1. rothpoetry says:

    Great poem! Sometimes a new perspective is what we need!

    Liked by 1 person

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