Looking To The Sky

Been here a million times

pondering why death came

knocking at my door now

I search to place the blame.

I realize I can not disguise

my part in it and not quit

thinking the whys or lies

as on this fair day as I sit.

Looking in the mirror is so

hard to do so I’ll be through

ignoring what transpired I

was ignorant in my youth.

Raised to learn of faith in

something I could not see

was easy to forget so now

after miracles I do believe.

Pain has extended hands in

my way as I try live today.

I try and think of what else

is left to learn of God’s way.

No logic can try to unravel

why hurt is allowed to rest

in death of babes or hunger

in innocent lives for to test.

I release my transgression

into the air in deep despair

for answers and why for me

would a being begin to care.

Questions they do resonate,

I swallow my enmity breathe.

A second washes over me,

I take it to see the sky bleed.

I’ve a choice I exercise voice,

no strings move my arms I

am no puppet for to amuse

I am a creation that can cry.

I am part of the dance we

spin holding other hands so

we can join as kins of pain

and help one another grow.

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