Passing Poises

A model of perfection.

Keep your face poised

for your pretty picture,

by me was your choice.

Gone by with the wind

the moment long gone.

Captured in my mind I

re-live it to keep strong.

Your look, your words

pristine are not faults.

They are precious bits

of light I lock in a vault.

Pleasant as a waterfall

flowing euphoric tones

with time so constant it

smooths a sharp stone.

Gone in an instant now,

so I strike a page quick,

after moments stronger

than any mortar or brick.

Will you let me continue

to illuminate in a void

a moment we’ve shared

that I refuse destroyed?

Let me weep tears of joy

as I say to you farewell.

You oh splendid stream

that takes away my hell.

One instance of you it

was enough it did erode

parts of rough edges I

forever thought I’d hold.

Wander with people in

the streets unknown be

a smiling face to lift up

all who internally bleed.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katherine says:

    Really nice poem, Jared. You always make me dream… .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Katherine.


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