Relics Of Our Love

The relics of our love

are scattered around

here I’m sentimental

in the love we found.


Clothes they have an

air of perfume yours

is so familiar I would

hold for tears a cure.


Years have gone slow

with pain ruminating

in my bones and soul

while contemplating.


Is this real that I feel

stone cold blocks are

capsulating my skin I

strum your old guitar.


Notes I can not make

without your voice to

carry along a melody

or sing a soft led tune.


I try and remember a

way we felt so alive try

I have so romantically

understood your side.


Let me repeat it back

what I have concluded,

a whisper in your ear;

your vicinity intruded.


Never did I see the light

in the simplest of things.

Now we have been apart

I see majesty you bring.


Break the all consuming

mold old ways we knew

so we can enlighten each

other in our music’s muse.

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