Coursing its way through

my body is a chemical agent

that numbs my body warm;

succumb to pain I’m a patient.

The years have passed lost

is the youth I once was then

when I an invincible soldier

never felt as I do now in skin.

I ponder what the future it

holds in my ignoring practice

of divulging every desire in

youth I’ve never felt like this.

My body it wears thin old

age is knocking at my door.

I ask myself what is this pain

and beg the Lord it no more.

See I a well wished phantom

swiftly is pushed into my vein

showing me a world abstract

numbing the deepened pain.

The world fades away black

does make time pass by fast.

When my eyes do they close

hours pass by I’m under a gas.

I wish this anesthesia would

come at my beckon call always

injecting into my loneliness in

this infuriating and damp place.

I will spin my tale in the dark

placed in a mental state no pain

will reach me while my mind

phases out in a medicated rain.

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