Casting My Spells In Hell

Touched incessant thing

what beauty do you bring?

Letters to myself I do sing

in this humid taut spring.

I can’t spell out words for

this emotion I feel more

than any other I’ve before

as I sleep inches over floor.

I think too much I tainted

this picture I have painted

for myself I’ve anticipated

a thing that I have created.

Nothing makes me feel ways

I do not already do display

within my mind in the haze

I carry with me these days.

Already defeated I’m wrong

for bringing words no song,

where I could begin belong,

I need a castle built strong.

So I’ll call all my faculties to

set out a path I need for you

see me in a light I need too,

that fits my fancies now into.

Welcome where I do dwell

in the stories I do now tell

that release me from my hell

as I cast here my own spells.

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