At Full Speed

Implicit as lit smoke

your words they stun.

I receive them in ears

when I expected none.

Hold this affixed coy

little smile you have.

When you look at me

it splits me into half.

You play games I do

to myself allow done

because I am reckless

the thrill I want some.

I pretend not to see

your frequency is set

to go off and explode

it approaches I sweat.

Behind it all a ferocity

sparks I saw not before.

I won’t let another sight

replace it I want more.

I say it all the time but

I always find it so hard

to learn I never learn

who people really are.

You teach, I’ve learned,

to accept this cold life.

Let us speed past strife

living ever in surprise.

There is half of me gone,

you have done so well,

so let us go at full speed

past where cold it dwells.

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