Dwelling In The Past

My love you’re gone

far away past haunts

in inner membranes

scenes you do launch.

I’m touched by spirit

that engulfs consume

my mind do you now

and forever will loom.

I have some pictures

I look at all the time.

I search intently for

sanity but all is awry.

I live opposite than I

should I am in a chaos.

Forgive me you must,

what I was once is lost.

I see as if it yesterday

what is now is months.

The light you project it

in dark for you I hunt.

I know I’ll never move

forward without letting

memory, you go, but I’m

ill if you I’m forgetting.

This place in time mine

is a lonely led existence

when my love for you it

finds in time resistance.

I love the way I was far

away now it is I’ve a scar.

Inside deep in my being

you bring a pristine art.

Never have the colors,

ever in a person’s eyes,

spoken to me language

rising me I fly so high.

I look below not a thing

beneath me can torture

my well being I am now

a brick and you mortar.

I revel verses I stubborn

do employ what I have

on pen and some paper

I unite my distant halves.

So I might feel it I wear

a countenance fit it for

the jubilant beams lit in

mind behind your door.

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