Our Great Enigma

We are but an enigma

distant from time when

a spark in the dark fed

skies that never do end.

Lights upon lights show

celestial bodies consume

many planets in the dark

possessing many moons.

Captured and contained

in our little nook in space

we do not look at the sky

as we use to in this place.

Drew we constellations in

stars we currently ignore

that refract light essential

used as compass to explore.

Soar with me now that sky

has become so familiar to

those who now do ignore it

we must remind a truth.

We think so grandiose yet

ignited our flames so small.

We do live in a symmetry

in space, the order of it all.

Rotating and pulsing fast

lights in synapses do burn.

Capable are we of creation

in our own universe turn.

Look into the stars we will,

held down by gravities pull,

be indifferent our nature it

operates as if there no rules.

Conflicted and complicated

often we forget as we look

in mind’s mysterious expanse

enigmas in paths we took.

The err the chaos do burn

yet a balance beckons us

that calls us to its wonder

and reminds we’re but dust.

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  1. kristianw84 says:

    New favorite!! 😍❤😍

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    1. Aww. Thank you Kristian!

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  2. iScriblr says:


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