Defective Perceptions

It a defect it shows

we but mere mortal.

So let us wisp away

in a celestial portal.

My circuitry wired,

my body is so tired,

it aches along paths

my heart not desires.

What has led me its

circuit it has flipped.

I try grasp but I miss,

my footsteps do slip.

My heart is not in it

my mind takes hold

to salvage a part me

I my mind try control.

But wired in is defect,

after miles I not same.

I search mind to body

I see and own blame.

So cry to the sky I will

for giving a heart feel

do I the urge to heal

my perception it’s ill.

Protruding my faults

I seem not to get by.

So I retreat to a place

where my mind flies.

My basic instinct calls

for it I am so ashamed.

Despite all my words

wired same is a brain.

I do find comfort calm,

birthed from my palms,

this journey I embark,

to right what is wrong.

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