Behold What I Hold

What have you done?

It seems you had fun

then an end did come

calling some ransom.

Your heart does ache

implores action take.

My nails my skin rake,

to confirm I’m awake.

You know not what for

why your face I ignore.

So you do it once more,

feelings again get torn.

Beauty it did diminish

now that you did finish.

The truth feels not this

way face your sentence.

Banished for the game

you play for some fame.

You are the one blame,

the fallout you try tame.

A heart you led in ways,

as you frolicked played,

a smile was on your face,

in my mind I try it erase.

What is it that you smile

for now as I dream miles

traveled while in denial

of my heart you defiled?

Do not look now it’s cold

feelings I now have hold.

The cradle rocks behold

it is on fire set to explode.

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