Memories I’ve Let Go

I want to look back

a few years retreat

to the past so I can

hold feet to a heat.

Slowly I burn I can

see faces in a glow.

As I pass away I’m

beyond my control.

I’d like to thank all

my old friends now.

I’m glad I do not see

your rancor so foul.

Leave you all I will

to burn with books.

I am so happy now

at you I don’t look.

Faces shaded white

your lips of a spite

are gone from me

I sleep well tonight.

Tolerate not you I

will anymore close

I do to the door my

parents had chose.

Burn your crucifix

upon your own land.

Teach your children

you do sink in sand.

Tolerate only you do

what simple minds

can comprehend you

are vile racist swine.

Spent years thought

it was my own mind

that malfunctioned I

see you did malign.

I’ve burned photos I

had in albums stored

in my closet I once

at one point ignored.

Pick your favorites

you can feel in tune

to reality you know

not of truth’s blooms.

Not so cryptic I want

to expel you here so

people can see you I

all memories let go.

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