What am I to do

with logic today?

Contortion calls

to altered states.

Fold sentiment

wrap it around

you hold tightly

to gentle sound.

For now today I

cry at humanity

as it leaps off of

cliffs of insanity.

Which way look

do you at an eye

as our nature is

twisted disguise?

Can I be me for

one single day?

I turn on the TV

and rot all away.

Calamity norms

itself don’t let it

resonate inside

your mind to sit.

There is a peace

though it seems

hope is lost with

scattered things.

So dance tonight

in lock shut doors

as a beast roams

and its belly roars.

A balance comes

and pass away do

all things in life

and pain does too.

Twisted we might

exchange our ire.

But tomorrow is

there to transpire.

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