Shapes Of Complexity

I was born in flames

that called to beckon

me to bend in shapes

in only one direction.

I never fit into forms

that for me expected

were ways old fashion

and by a rod directed.

A rebel my soul went

with the whims heart

I had inside my spirit

screamed torn apart.

Anguish to the places

where there should be

blissful forms instead

were to me a mystery.

How do you want me

to dance today mother?

Why do I have to fit in

to your mold no other?

My love is so real for

the home I grew know

I do decency a manner;

how treat other souls.

Understand myself try

to realize I everyday all

what I’ve become after

in depths of hell I falled.

An order and the way

things need be for me

were not understood I

a shape of complexity.

I know right I know a

way that’s called wrong.

Still things considered

I search where I belong.

May the wind take me

to facets of change I do

search under the stars

to heal what’s bruised.

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