Once the chaotic child

in me ran freely so wild

as skeletons added while

I was in a state of denial.

Led to a church Sundays;

hands clinched I’d pray.

Then I’d fall in sin’s cave

inside the incoming day.

No longer am I a novice,

my rebellion left a solace.

I fear I can not promise

hope for tomorrow’s kiss.

Fate has left me wanting;

a hole in me is haunting

a clamor that’s daunting

it annihilates soft spring.

This hole I need to fill up,

if it not with Christ’s cup,

onward I for sin enough

to heal a calamity rough.

I don’t want me anymore;

I’ve never opened a door

that once I ignored before;

symmetry I now explore.

Your beauty it is excelled

by definitions you expel,

in your kind face a shell,

is peace like no one else.

Your equation transforms

what held up in my norm

now crashes as if a storm;

here in rain I feel reborn.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katherine says:

    Beautiful poem.
    Sometimes I so wish to just melt in the rain…

    Liked by 1 person

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